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Tom Buchanan
Biographical information
ResidenceEast Egg, Long Island
ProfessionPolo Player
AffiliationDaisy's Husband
Family members

Daisy Buchanan (wife)

Pammy Buchanan (daughter)


  • cheats on Daisy with a woman named Myrtle
  • has a daughter with Daisy, named Pammy
  • lives in East Egg
  • does not like Gatsby
  • loves tip

Tom Buchanan was born some time in the late 1800s, born into a wealthy family, he was exempted from the war draft. After World War I, Gatsby did not come back to Daisy for some unknown reason, consequently, Daisy married Tom. Together, Daisy and Tom have a daughter, Pammy. Although Tom seems to care for Daisy, his extramarital affairs drive them apart, causing Daisy to later seek comfort in her old lover, Gatsby. Tom's main mistress, Myrtle, is the wife of a auto repair shop owner, Wilson. The tire shop is situated between Long Island and Manhattan. Tom frequently visits Wilson's shop, manipulating him, meanwhile sleeping with Myrtle.

Tom is characterized as a cruel, shallow person, caring about no one but himself.

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