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Tom Buchanan
Biographical information
ResidenceTom Buchanan's mansion, East Egg, New York, United States
Family members

Daisy Buchanan (wife)

Pammy Buchanan (daughter)

Nick Carraway (second cousin-in-law)


Thomas "Tom" Buchanan is Daisy’s immensely wealthy husband, once a member of Nick Carraway’s social club at Yale.

He has no moral qualms about his own extramarital affair with Myrtle Wilson, but when he begins to suspect Daisy and Gatsby of having an affair, he becomes outraged and forces a confrontation. Buchanan lives in the "old money" neighborhood of East Egg in New York.

Character AnalysisEdit

Biography statusEdit

Tom Buchanan comes from a staggeringly wealthy family with long standing social prestige. Born in Chicago, Tom moved East during his college years where he attended Yale and met Nick Carraway at the University's social club. At Yale, Buchanan was a polo star; as Nick accounts, Tom was "one of those men who reach such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything afterwards savours of anti-climax".

Now thirty, Tom has become enormously wealthy from inheriting his family's fortune, yet he remains physically powerful with his "cruel body" and "arrogant eyes". Tom has been known to carry on affairs beginning on his own honeymoon with Daisy after he got involved with a chamber maid at their hotel. During the Summer-long friendship with Nick, Tom was regularly seeing Myrtle Wilson.

Film portrayalsEdit


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