Tom Buchanan (age 30)
Portrayed byConnor Brewster
Biographical information
ResidenceTom Brewchanan's mansion, Pittsburgh, United States
ProfessionProfessional Football Player - Pittsburgh Steelers
Family members

Pammy Brewchanan (daughter)

Jenny Brewchanan (Mother)

Jim Brewchanan (Father)


Tom Buchanan - Hulking, hyper-masculine, aggressive, super-rich and professional football player - is the Great Gatsby's chief representative of old money. He is Gatsby's superior in every aspect.

Life Previous to The Great GatsbyEdit

Tom Buchanan attends Emmanuel College, where he meets Nick, playing on the Gold Coast Stingrays football team, and makes a few enemies: "There were men at Yale that hated his guts."

A few years after, he marries Daisy, a wealthy heiress from Louisville. Daisy is very much in love with him at first, but after their South Seas ho he cheats on her with a maid at the Santa Barbara hotel they're staying at, beginning a pattern of infidelity that we see continued throughout the novel.

The two move around, spending time in Chicago and even abroad in France "Wherever people played football and were rich together." They have a daughter, Pammy, but Tom seems distant from her - after Daisy wakes up after giving birth, he's "God knows where."

The family then moves back to Pittsburgh where Tom Buchanan is the first draft pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers and begins having an affair with Myrtle Wilson shortly afterwards.