Pammy Buchanan
Portrayed byNancy Kelly (1926)
Biographical information
ResidenceEast Egg, Long Island, United States
Family members

Daisy Buchanan (mother)
Tom Buchanan (father)
Nick Carraway (second cousin twice removed)
(first cousin once removed [in some film adaptations])
Maternal Grandmother


Pammy Buchanan is the daughter of Tom Buchanan and Daisy Buchanan. She has a small part in the novel and only appears once in the movie.

Although Pammy is rarely referenced in the novel, Daisy recounts that when Pammy was born and was told the baby was a girl she said:

"All right...I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

Pammy did appear in the novel, towards the end when her parents, Gatsby, Jordan and Nick are all at the house on the hottest day of the year. She comes in with her nanny and Daisy flaunts her and asks if she likes her friends. Pammy responds and then her nanny takes her away

In the films, often, the directors and producers may not cast a Pammy Buchanan, or make her appear elsewhere because she is often insignificant.

In the 1974 movie, Pammy plays a slightly larger role and appears more frequently. She appears in the scene that Fitzgerald wrote in the novel. She's seen in the added scene of the movie where she throws a fit because her nanny is making her wear a dress, she sobs to her mother but her mother is distracted by the fact that she killed George Wilson's wife (Myrtle) and he's at their house with a gun. She's also seen at the very end of this movie in an added scene when Nick meets up with Buchanan's once again when he wants to confront them about their actions.

In the 2013 movie, Pammy does not appear where she should in the house but she appears at the end of the movie, while the staff pack the house, she asks her mother where they are going.


Pammy most likely represents a younger version of Daisy. Daisy wishes that her baby girl will be a fool like her so she ends up married and well off with a rich man. She also wants her daughter to be a fool so she is protected

Pammy reminds Gatsby of how much time has passed and that Daisy does have another life. She might tarnish the vision he had of Daisy, realizing that she is married and a mother. Pammy was not part of Gatsby's vision and the way Daisy treats her daughter shows Gatsby that Daisy's voice is full of money. She will not even care for her own daughter, leaving her to the responsibility of others and indicates she can afford to do so.


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