Jordan Baker
Portrayed byCarmelita Geraghty
Ruth Hussey
Lois Chiles
Francie Swift
Elizabeth Debicki
Biographical information
ResidenceLong Island, New York, United States
ProfessionCompetitive Golfer
Family members

Sigourney Howard (aunt)


Jordan Baker  is Daisy Buchanan's long-time friend with "autumn-leaf yellow" hair, a firm athletic body, and an aloof attitude. She is Nick Carraway's romantic interest and girlfriend for most of the novel and a professional golfer with a slightly shady reputation and a penchant for untruthfulness.

Biography Edit

Jordan plays golf and comes off as a very blunt person despite her friends very goofy and carefree nature. Her and Nick begin a shy romance of their own being as though they both prefer to shy away from dramatic and careless people. Jordan is very glamorous and is captivated by the great gatsby.

Film portrayals

  • The Great Gatsby (1926) Played by Carmelita Geraghty
  • The Great Gatsby (1949) Played by Ruth Hussey
  • The Great Gatsby (1974) Played by Lois Chiles
  • The Great Gatsby (2000) Played by Francie Swift
  • The Great Gatsby (2013) Played by Elizabeth Debicki