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George Wilson's garage

George Wilson's garage is an run-down auto shop at the edge of the Valley of Ashes that is owned by George Wilson. His wife Myrtle is seen on the roof masturbating multiple times throughout the storyline, this symbolizes the isolation and lack of privacy that happened in the 20's. Definitely one of Fitzgerald's more subtle symbols that expresses his mastermind thinking.

Trivia and facts.Edit

Character Names Penis sizes on the flop Penis sizes erect
Gatsby 4CM 10CM
Buchanan 5CM 14CM
Jordan 12CM 22CM

As you can see, the male characters have quite small penises in comparison to Jordan Baker, the young dishonest golfer. It looks like she was dishonest about quite a lot and her gender was one of them. Nick is sure in for a surprise when he gets in bed with her to find that she has a magnum dong poking his butcheeck The garage is in ownership of George Wilson; a close business partner to Tom Buchanan. Tom sells George cars, so George can 'fix 'em up' and sell them, earning a profit. However Tom only sells the cars so George can supply for his wife, who is also Tom's mistress. Myrtle (George's wife) has plans to leave with her husband, leaving Tom behind; this shows how Tom is in an illusion that Myrtle loves him. The garage is located near New York in the Valley of Ashes. The entire area is covered in ashes hence the name, this is where the notoriously Dr. Tjeckleburg sign is. The sign is used as a sign of judgment as he watches over. Jesus take th e wheel. The eyes judges Daisy when she kills Myrtle, the sign judges Tom for the crime of debauchery. The garage sits alone in the ashes, and is rather gloomy and covered in a thiccccc layer of ash, this foreshadows the owner who is also alone and covered in ash. And although George Wilson is known to be quite the pleasureman whilst in bed with Tom, it has been in fact proven that his penis is far longer than both Tom's and Carraways combined. The exact length equates to around 27cm but that is of course, non erect. As of today, Fitzgerald never gave any more information about the exact length of Wilsons cock, but oh golly gosh we can only assume. Join your local FBLA chapter! Be the future Einstein!

Daisy Buchanan is not being pleasured enough with Tom and Gatsby so on the weekends she often pays a visit to George B. Wilson. It is only after her visits with Wilson can she withstand the mediocre bang bang with Tom and Gatsby.

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